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Every day a large quantity of communications from citizens or customers as well as claims and letters are received by the information system of companies. Operators and administrators classify all incoming information according to its significance manually and distribute it along persons responsible for solution of certain questions. 

Intelligent system SmartSel is a Russian software enabling automatic distribution of the incoming information among the operators within the company. 

With respect to these goals leading solutions in NLP (Natural language processing), speech technologies, computer and deep learning are used. With the use of the abovementioned technologies SmartSel processes the content of a received message in an intelligent way, classifies it and makes up an optimal route for the information in the company.

Manual classification performed by operators

Responsible persons

Documents flow


Replacement of the first line



Generation of an automatic answer

Due to automatic processing of the incoming information the system allows

  • To reject operators and manual classification of communications and claims

  • To increase the speed of communications processing: the system determines the main point of a communication within seconds. If necessary, SmartSel can be set up to generate an automatic answer to the sender

  • To reduce a quantity of mistakes connected with distribution: the system determines precisely the operator who should get the received communication  



Advantages of SmartSel


  • SmartSel understands textual, voice and graphic information, is able to counteract with audio- and video-files

  • The System uses guidelines, business-rules, current standards, inner and external organizational sources for information routing

  • Capability to perform multi-class classification, use of several independent classifiers as well as a combination of classifiers (including a cascade)

  • Capability to perform automatic calculation  of levels of classifiers confidence in order to provide accuracy needed for system work as a whole. 

  • Within several seconds SmartSel generates an optimal route for the information in the company

  • The users are capable to manage scenario of counteraction with customers, hereby to set up the system precisely for the solution of the set tasks 



SmartSel while being a home-grown technology, is included into import-substituting software according to the RF Government Regulation #1236 "Of imposition of the prohibition of the foreign software admission aimed at purchasing for state and municipal needs provision"

If you have any doubts whether SmartSel is suitable for your tasks and technical requirements, just ask our specialists to provide you with a consultation on the product.


Staff reduction

up to 40%



Technical Support of a large governmental body



A user should fill in the request form in the electronic system in order to execute a request to Technical support service of the company. Mistakes in problem type determination or filling in of other important margins were made very often. So in order to determine a correct category of the request it was necessary to involve an operator who could re-classify it correctly. Such a scenario led to ineffective loss of specialists’ working hours and significantly reduced the pace of request processing.


  • To optimize the work of employees: to increase pace and quality of processing of incoming requests/messages sent to the inner customer support

  • To reduce the quantity of mistakes in distribution of requests/messages among executors


Solution of the set tasks

The use of SmartSel has enabled to solve the Customer’s tasks in part by having replaced base-line of support service. The system analyzes incoming requests and determines on the base of their content the executor whom such a request should be readdressed. In typical situations when there is no need in a specialist involvement, SmartSel itself generates a response to a user.


  • The pace of counteraction of users, operators and specialists responsible for solution of technical problems

  • The quantity of mistakes connected with incorrect problem type determination performed by users and their further distribution among executors has been reduced

  • Employees’ routine pressure has been reduced, so this has allowed them to spend the time freed up on solving more important tasks

  • Expenses connected with ineffective use of employees’ working hours have been reduced


Manufacturing company



A large amount of letters addressed to various departments are sent to the single corporate e-mail of the company every day. The employee responsible for letters sorting does not possess broad technical competence suitable for determining the essence of the message and the agent whom this message should be readdressed. This process took too much time and often messages got lost due to wrong routing.


  • To improve accuracy of incoming mails distribution

  • To increase pace of processing of messages received by the company

Solution of the set tasks

The introduced solution SmartSel enables to automatically process the flow of incoming letters, to classify messages and correctly determine an employee for readdressing. The accuracy of system information classification provided within the project realization has significantly increased the values of manual messages processing.


  • The accuracy of incoming e-mails classification and pace of their processing have increased

  • A correct readdressing of incoming messages has been provided without involving a specialist

  • Satisfaction of customers and company’s partners has increased


Автоматизация службы поддержки пользователей в телекоммуникационной компании



При оказании услуг пользовательской поддержки было замечено, что из нескольких тысяч поступающих ежедневных обращений в сервис большинство являются типовыми и не требуют глубокого изучения для решения проблемы. При этом ручная обработка подобных обращений занимала большую часть рабочего времени технических специалистов и снижала эффективность их работы. 


  • Автоматизировать ответ на типовые обращения, доля которых составляла более 50%.

  • Освободить высококлассных специалистов от решения типовых рутинных проблем.

Решение с помощью SmartSel:

Для всех входящих обращений были определены 16 классов стандартных шаблонов ответа, например, скачать инструкцию или переустановить драйвер. Это позволило сократить временные затраты специалистов на обработку рутинных запросов.  В большинстве случаев система классифицировала заявку, и сама формировала подсказку и сценарий для решения проблемы. Только в исключительных, нетиповых случаях система перенаправляла запрос на соответствующего технического специалиста для ручной обработки. 



  • Большинство заявок обрабатывается системой SmartSel, а не специалистами. 

  • Снизились издержки, связанные с низкоэффективным распределением времени высокооплачиваемых специалистов.

  • Увеличилась удовлетворенность пользователей работой сервиса


Производственная компания




В компанию на единый корпоративный ящик электронной почты ежедневно поступает множество писем, адресованных различным подразделениям.  Сотрудник, отвечающий за сортировку, не обладает широкими техническими компетенциями, чтобы верно определить суть сообщения и исполнителя, которому его следует переадресовать.  Это занимало слишком много времени, и часто сообщения терялись из-за ошибочной маршрутизации. 


  • Повысить точность распределения входящих почтовых сообщений.

  • Повысить скорость обработки обращений в компанию. 


Решение поставленных задач

Внедренное решение SmartSel позволяет в автоматическом режиме обрабатывать поток входящих писем, классифицировать обращения и корректно определять сотрудника для переадресации. Точность классификации информации системой, обеспеченная в рамках реализации проекта, существенно превысила показатели ручной обработки сообщений.




  • Повысилась точность классификации входящих электронных писем и скорость их обработки.

  • Обеспечена корректная переадресация входящих сообщений без привлечения специалиста.

  • Повысилась удовлетворенность клиентов и партнеров компании.


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