Smart Corporate Search

SmartCS (Smart Corporate Search) is a technology of smart corporate search enabling to unite all the sources of corporate information into unified repository aimed at operative extraction and advanced analytics of data.


Why is SmartCS convenient?


  • Unified access to all corporate documents

  • Presence of subject-matter filters for specification of search results

  • Advanced analysis of documents according to the subject-matters selected

  • Search of similar documents

  • Forming-up of subject-matter profile of collections of the found documents

  • Results with due consideration of corporate access policy.


Technologies of artificial intelligence and computer-aided learning provide SmartCS with more precise and full results compared to traditional searching tools. The System is able not only to find the objects needed but to determine their interconnection as well. 

SmartCS was developed by the specialists of the Centre for cognitive technologies with the aim to solve key problems reducing the efficiency of businesses' work with data: loss of time caused by search of information in several systems and unstructured sources, impossibility to conduct search on the base of PDF-files content (icons) and to manage search results in a flexible manner. 


SmartCS allows conducting full-text and attributive search by a phrase or request using conditions and filters, searching lexically similar documents in any corporate sources. The solution is able to extract objects relevant to the request from the repository and to establish links between them, to emphasize automatically attributes of the found document such as its type and issue date, customer or responsible party of the mentioned project. Due to the technology of natural language processing the user is able to review the original document with highlighted words relevant to the request. Thus, SmartCS allows smart managing of the stored information and using it as an important asset for solution of crucial tasks and business development. 

SmartCS working principles



  • Corporate data base

  • File storages

  • SharePoint

  • ...

Highlighting of the text from the documents (including OCR)

Text extraction from typed entities (legal entities, natural entities, GOST [national state standard], INN [tax reference number], OGRN [primary state registration number], laws, ...)

Extraction of the text from icons and files of office formats

Allows to perform advanced analysis of search results

Smart search of documents


( Web UI )



Lemmatized index – ensures full-text search taking into consideration various forms of a word

Full- text index

Additional capabilities of SmartCS ​


  • Search of information about certain people/businesses in order to detect threats for the enterprise.

  • Entities extraction in order to perform specification of search results and  detection of relationship between people/enterprises (ontomodel: people, enterprises, addresses, INN [tax reference number], OGRN [Primary state registration number]).

  • Detection of events which can affect the activities of the company (VIP-visits, meeting of the board, acts of terror, etc.)

  • Analysis of relevance of laws and regulations used in the documents.


SmartCS while being a home-grown technology, is included into import-substituting software according to the RF Government Regulation #1236 "Of imposition of the prohibition of the foreign software admission aimed at purchasing for state and municipal needs provision".



SmartCS application areas:

  • Government institutions and public authorities

  • Intelligence agencies

  • Business entities

  • Customs services

  • Banking sector

  • HR services

  • Security services

  • All spheres of activities where it is needed to optimize the system of documents search in miscellaneous data sources.


If you still have doubts whether SmartCS is suitable for your tasks and technical requirements, just ask our specialists to provide you with a consultation on the product.



Government body engaged in the activities in the realm of science and education


In order to take an important decision the employee has to extract data quickly and analyze it. A large amount of patent documentation is kept in the organization, both as hard copies and in digitalized form, including scanned copies in PDF. Employees are often not able to find the data needed because they don’t know the name of a document or the place of its storage and have no opportunity to conduct search on the base of the content of the documents in all sources.



  • To unify all existing data bases into single storage

  • To provide possibility of a fast-paced search based on content of documents and their attributes

  • To realize possibility of a topical search in all sources

  • To improve the level of specification of search results according to the user’s tasks

Solution: introduction of SmartCS systemS 

Introduction of SmartCS has allowed to unify all kept information of the company in single storage. Artificial intelligence discovers the purport of a document and distributes them according to their categories enabling the users in the shortest time possible to find and extract the data needed with the aid of filters. 


  • Single storage with possibility to perform search in all sources has been built

  • Special adjustable filters for any search task specification have been developed

  • Function of automatic control of documents duplicating has been implemented

  • Privileges of access to documents with account for corporate security policy have been ensured


Bid department of a big IT-company



Due to significant manpower effort and long process time of the preparation the department was not always able to provide in due time all documents required and take part in a tender and this, in its turn, led to loss of contracts.


  • To build a single electronic storage of expert documental experience of the company for 5 years in a row

  • To preform digitalization of hard copies

  • To provide smart search along the content of the documents in all sources

Solution of the set tasks with the aid of SmartCS system 

  • Function of data search based on the content of scanned documents has been performed

  • Automatic highlighting of such attributes as type and date of issue, customer or project executive, industry affiliation, etc. has been provided

  • Possibility to determine connection between documents (for instance, to determine the connection between a contract and a corresponding act) has been implemented

  • Due to technology of natural language processing a user has possibility to view a document with highlighted lexis relevant to the request

  • Search results correspond the user access level according to the corporate security policy

  • Automatic topical classification of documents has been organized



  • Shift from hard copies to single electronic data base has been performed

  • Time losses connected with search of data required for preparation for tenders or counteraction with new counteragents have been reduced

  • Employees’ routine pressure has been reduced, this has allowed to shift their resources to solution of prioritized tasks

  • Conditions for company’s participation in tenders of its interest have been created


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